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The Hanalei Bay Massage & Spa Difference

At Hanalei Bay Massage & Spa you will receive 60 minutes hands on massage not 50 minutes like in all other spas. We set up the appointments 15 min apart, this way you won't be rushed out of the massage table, allowing yourself some time to make a slow transition to the outside world.

Also receiving a massage by the experienced hands of our Massage Therapists is a truly awesome experience.

You'll feel the long lasting effect of the treatment for several days in so many different levels.

We only use natural lotion, oils, cream and essential oils.

We also apply hot towels to soothe and pamper tired muscles.

What to Expect

If you've decided to get a massage but haven't had one before, you may have questions about what to expect during your massage session.

First you will be asked to fill out an information page and sign a consent form. Then a conversation commmences concerning your reason for the visit, aches, pains, etc.

Remove clothing to your level of comfort. It is your choice.

You'll be draped during the massage.

Give the therapist complete and accurute health information and let your massage therapist know your needs. During the massage session, tell your massage therapist if you have any discomfort, whether is from the massage or from any distractions related to the enviroment, including amount of pressure,speed of movement, music volume, room temperature or lighting.

After the session is done get up slowly,then drink plenty of water.

Remember to take good care of yourself, get a massage at least once a month.